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SystemSoft CardWizard Software for NT4

Elan's universal PCMCIA adapters are supplied with our unique driver software which supports operation with all current Windows versions.  (See the Technical Data for these models for more information.)  Our patented hardware/software combination means that on your desktop the PCMCIA slot works in just the same way as the PC card slot on a laptop.

What's different about NT4?

However the standard Windows support for PCMCIA cards is not as good in NT4 as in other versions of Windows because it does not include a 'Card & Socket Services' module.  This means that in NT4 the functionality is restricted; for example in NT4 it is not possible to 'hot-swap' a card so the PC must be rebooted each time you wish to change the card that you are using.   There are also more often problems in trying to configure a system to set up one of our adapters because of this poor PCMCIA support which can make it more difficult to correctly assign an IRQ to the adapter and PCMCIA card.

What is CardWizard?

SystemSoft CardWizard software is a third party Card & Socket services utility which will allow dynamic resource allocation to devices and the 'hot-swap' of PC cards.  By using this software on a laptop or desktop the support for PCMCIA cards can be improved to the level offered natively in other versions of Windows.  As well as offering hot-swap capability CardWizard can be very useful when configuring an adapter when NT4 causes problems, particularly with Motherboard/BIOS combinations where IRQ allocation is problematic including when the PCI adapter is behind a PCI-PCI bridge.

Do I need CardWizard?

For these reasons Elan recommends that any customer purchasing one of our P-series models of PCMCIA card reader for use in the NT4 operating systems considers installing CardWizard software. If you are purchasing (or have purchased) a P-series unit then CardWizard is available at a special discounted price - please ask for more information.