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Digital camera montage

Universal PCI to PCMCIA Adapters: Download Your Digital Photos Using a P423

Forget slow and clumsy USB card readers, or cable attachments direct to your camera!  Use Elan's P423 to download your digital images at high speed.

Transfer rates of over 1.2MBytes/sec are possible meaning a full 128MByte CF card will copy to your hard drive in less than 2.5 minutes, and a 32MByte copies in under 30 seconds!*.  Plug in the card, locate the drive letter in Windows Explorer and simply drag-n-drop your pictures to the PC.

Using a suitable adapter**, you can choose whether to use Compact Flash™, Multi Media Card (MMC), Secure Digital Card (SD), Memory Stick or Smart Media Card to transfer your images.  The P423 works with all of them.  And with storage technology changing so fast its nice to know you're future proof ! ... the P423 will work with any new flash card technology that is supported by a PCMCIA adapter.

Plus, you get two PCMCIA slots, so you can download your pictures and still leave a Wireless LAN or modem card running in the other slot.  The P423 is also fully hot-swap compliant so you can plug your card in and out as many times as you like without having to re-boot the PC each time, unlike some IDE flash card adapters.


P423 Twin PCMCIA front slot for 3.5"drive bay
(5" bay adapter option available)
P424 Twin PCMCIA slots with external housing
Ideal for systems with no free front bays

For more information about these products please email our sales team or complete our information request form online.


Both models support the IBM Microdrive

*Actual transfer rates depend on PC and the speed of the media you are using.  Tested with a CF card containing 118 files in 4 sub-folders copied to a PentiumIII 650MHz running 98SE.

**Using a non-PCMCIA form factor card requires the use of a suitable adapter, available separately.

Compact Flash™ is a Trademark of Sandisk Corp.  All other Trademarks acknowledged.