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Universal PCI to PCMCIA Adapters

Add a PCMCIA slot to your desktop PC

Elan's unique range of add-in 32-bit PCI boards provides a quick, easy and cost effective way to use PCMCIA (PC Cards) on your desktop PC.  This means you can use your WLAN card, Compact Flash() / MemoryStick / SmartMedia / MMC / SD card, or other special purpose PC Cards like Bluetooth, Fingerprint recognition or DAQ functions
Whatever card you need to use, the Elan P-Series range supports them all, thanks to its patented hardware and software interrupt handling.  Unlike other PCI adapters for PC Cards, the Elan adapters do not use an extra "ISA paddle board" to support I/O cards and they do not use polling methods in-place of hardware IRQs.  That's why our adapters work in Windows 95(osr2+), 98, 98SE, Millennium Edition, NT4, 2000, XP, MacOS9 and Linux (and DOS too if required)!
We can also supply Systemsoft CardWizard software bundled with any model to offer extra facilities for NT4 users.

Rear Slot Models

P111 P111 Single CardBus PCMCIA Slot
P222 P222 Twin CardBus PCMCIA Slot
P311 P311 Single Low Profile CardBus PCMCIA Slot New Model!
P312 P312 Single Low Profile Compact Flash II Slot New Model!

Front Slot Models

P423 Twin PCMCIA front slot for 3.5"drive bay
P424 Twin PCMCIA slots with external housing

Front & Rear Slot Models

P416 Single PCMCIA front slot for 3.5" drive bay mounting plus single rear Cardbus slot

Models for PCI Mezzanine Bus (PMC)

PMC111 PMC111 Single PCMCIA CardBus slot in 10mm standoff PMC format

Legacy Models

A variety of legacy models are available offering a range of unusual configurations.