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Low profile desktop PCMCIA single rear slot - P311

Single Rear Slot Universal Low Profile PCI to PCMCIA Adapter: P311

This product is recommended for Systems Integrators and OEMs only due to the non-standard "volume envelope" that is required around the host's PCI connector.

Low profile vs regular PCI board

To cater for the latest generation of Low Profile PCs that can only use Low Profile PCI add-in boards, Elan has created the P311.  This model, from the P-Series range, features a Cardbus Type II slot and a circuit board that conforms to the MD1 profile specification.  It will allow you to use any TypeI or TypeII PCMCIA or Cardbus card.  Due to the space restrictions of Low Profile PCs and the relatively large size of PCMCIA cards, the P311 may not be mechanically compatible with every motherboard, although typically at least one PCI connector will have suitable free space around it to use the P311.  Please see below for further details.

Technical Features

16-Bit PCMCIA Cards supported
32-bit Cardbus Cards supported
5V at 1Amp typ. with fault protection
3.3V at 1Amp typ. with fault protection
PCI Universal 3.3V and 5V keyed PCI board
Supports TypeI and II card sizes including extended types with antenna
PCB dimensions are 120mm x 64.4mm, conforming to Low Profile "MD1" size (this does not include the offset daughter board holding the PCMCIA connector)
Uses industry standard 1410 or 1211 controller chip, proven on all classes of processor, chipset and motherboard manufacturer.  Yenta compliant, PCI2.2 compliant, PC99 compliant.  Supports sleep and suspend modes.  Intel 82365 compatible register set
Comes with device drivers for Windows95(osr2+), 98, 98SE, Millennium Edition, NT4, 2000 and XP with support also for Linux and MacOS9 as standard.  DOS driver also available at extra cost
Works with any card type thanks to patented driver
Perfect for Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, GPS, GSM, GPRS cards etc
Also works with Compact Flash, Memory Stick, SmartMedia, MMC and SD cards using suitable adapter available separately

More Information

P311 installed

This photograph shows an installed P311 drive and illustrates how the PC card slot is mounted on a daughter board which sits between the PCI board and the next adjacent PCI slot.

Also available is a dimensions diagram in PDF format (10.8K) which can be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader