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P424 external PCI-PCMCIA adapter

Twin External Slot Universal PCI to PCMCIA Adapter: P424

The P424 offers external access to two 16-bit compliant PCMCIA slots, allowing cards to be easily and conveniently swapped-on-demand from either along side or on-top-of the PC.  Each slot can operate with PCMCIA cards like WiFi / 802.11b Wireless LAN, Finger Print or Flash storage cards for digital cameras or media players.

The P424 is ideal for development and testing purposes, bringing the PCMCIA slots near to desktop level for easy measuring and testing.

Technical Features

16-Bit PCMCIA Cards supported (not Cardbus)
5V at 1Amp typ. with fault protection, per slot
3.3V at 1Amp typ. with fault protection, per slot
Supports TypeI, II and III card sizes.  Slots have ejector levers and LED activity indicators. TypeIII card only supported in upper slot (lower slot remains accessible).  Slots have Low Voltage keying to allow 3.3V only cards.  External housing measures 158x103mm approx. 1m long cables exit PC via aperture in expansion bracket
Uses industry standard 1420 controller chip, proven on all classes of processor, chipset and motherboard manufacturer.  Yenta compliant, PCI2.2 compliant, PC99 compliant.  Supports sleep and suspend modes.  Intel 82365 compatible register set
Comes with device drivers for Windows95(osr2+), 98, 98SE, Millennium Edition, NT4, 2000 and XP with support also for Linux as standard.  DOS driver also available at extra cost
Works with any 16-bit card type thanks to patented driver.  Each slot functions independently and can have a different card voltage
Perfect for Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, GPS, GSM, GPRS cards etc
Also works with Compact Flash, Memory Stick, SmartMedia, MMC and SD cards using suitable adapter available separately