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Elan VPU16550/1 UART Reference Design Kit

To speed your time to market, the VPU reference kit is a vital and unique addition to Elan's offering. The kit contains the following items:

  1. 10 x VPU16550 chips
  2. 10 x VPU16551 chips
  3. Full data sheet for each chip
  4. Users Guide
  5. Elan P423 Desktop PCMCIA Slot for development purposes
  6. An Elan CF232 Serial Port card in Compact Flash format, un-cased, as a reference point to measure and test (the CF232 is a full RS232 COM port card in a CF Type I sized package)
  7. A CF Type I or II to PCMCIA adapter (to allow testing of the CF232)
  8. A CF to PCMCIA extender card to allow testing of CF232 on PDAs
  9. OrCAD schematics for several designs, in both CF and PCMCIA formats
  10. A utility to generate a COM port compatible Card Information Structure using simple type-in fields for your company name, card name, h/w rev and serial number. This is combined with an in-circuit-programming tool, and an INF file generator. This means you can fit the EEPROM blank and program it as part of your production test phase. The utility runs in Win9x, 2K and XP and works with any PCMCIA slot (including the P423). It also allows automatic incrementing serial number insertion into the CIS data, making the utility suitable for use as a production programming tool. Outputs from the tool include binary and text CIS images as well as a Win9x/2K/XP INF file for deployment with your card.