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Memory Card Explorer Software

MCE has an easy to use graphical interface Memory Card Explorer ("MCE" & "MCE/NT") is a graphical Windows software package which provides direct access to the data stored in flash, SRAM and ATA PCMCIA memory PC Cards. It allows the binary "image" of the card data to be saved to or loaded from the hard disk drive in simple and fast operations. Data between any two address blocks can be copied and edited. 

The format of the data on the card is unimportant - it could be a TFFS style format, or it could be a proprietary format written by a logger or portable instrument, or it could contain a mixture of formats. In all cases MCE can access the data.  Also included is a card viewer that allows direct hex display of the data on the card.

Memory Card Explorer is available in two versions:

MCE supports operation in Windows 95, 98 and Millennium Edition.

MCE/NT is an enhanced version including a surrogate Card & Socket Services which will also run on Windows NT based platforms - NT4, 2000 and XP (as well as the 9x platform.)

DLL Licensing

For Windows code developers, the DLL "engine" of MCE can be separately licensed for embedding into bespoke applications.  This route allows the difficult aspects of Card & Socket Services and device driver writing to be avoided, because they are all handled by the DLL. Considerable time can be saved in this way when adding PCMCIA capabilities to the users application.

MCE and Desktop Machines

For customers wishing to use MCE in a desktop environment Elan's range of PCI Bus Reader/Writers makes this possible