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Flash Card Copy Stations

Duplicate up to 32 Cards Simultaneously:  JG08, JG16 and JG32

Flash card copy station with PC

For high speed quantity duplication of Flash or SRAM cards, the Elan Copy Station is the perfect solution.  Using either a single or dual tower, a range of slot capacities can be catered for; 8 slots for low throughput or 16 or 32 slots for higher throughputs.  The towers use a unique system to allow high speed parallel reads and writes to all varieties of memory card, including ATA and Linear flash.  Using PC driven software and a pre-configured host PC (supplied), the Copy Station is delivered ready to run (no monitor is included; this is customer furnished to suit the working environment).

The copying software supplied with the Copy Station system is called JG_Copy, and allows simple script based customization of menus and part numbers, allowing the operator to work with familiar terminology.  On-screen progress and status for each operation is clearly displayed, together with batch size control and yield information.

The slots are each equipped with an activity / status LED showing progress and / or slot status.  Each slot can program 8 or 16-bit wide cards at 5V (and 12V if required).  Each slot is individually fault protected and is temporarily disabled if a card fails during programming or verifying, allowing the other slots and cards to continue to completion.

Technical Features

JG08 and JG16 use single tower, JG32 uses two towers slaved together
Supplied with a PC base unit
Each slot behaves as an industry standard "365" type PCMCIA controller
Fault protection per slot and LED status per slot
High speed parallel read and write operations at 5V, with either 8 or 16-bit wide data
Comes with JG_Copy software, pre-installed and ready to run
Script customizable front-end to allow changes to menus and part numbers
Software includes batch size control for simple operation (user enters number of units to be programmed and JG_Copy will display the number of cards completed, number left to do and number that have failed).  Programming yield data is displayed on-screen for statistical analysis and early identification of batch problems
Supports linear flash and SRAM cards, including Series I, II, II+, Strata Flash and MLC technologies
Supports ATA flash and rotating, including IBM Microdrive, SanDisk etc
Each slot can take up to a TypeIII card