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Flash Card Copying - Elan's Unique PCMCIA Card Copying & Editing Tools

Our experience with Flash programming, extending back over 12 years, makes our software tools the best choice when it comes to editing and copying PCMCIA memory cards. Whether you need to write to ATA, linear Flash or SRAM cards, we have the tool to suit.

If your Windows application needs to access PCMCIA Flash cards, you'll probably have already found that its not plain sailing! Elan's Memory Card Explorer could be just what you need and can be licensed for embedding into your own program.

Memory Card Explorer can be used in conjunction with one of our desktop PC card slot units to provide a simple solution for copying PCMCIA memory cards.

For large volumes of PC cards we can also offer dedicated systems which can process up to 32 cards simultaneously - our copy stations are supplied with a pre-configured PC and are ready for immediate use.

Windows Tools

Memory Card Explorer 32-Bit Windows Card Edit & Copy software

Card Duplicators

JG08, JG16, JG32 Copy Stations for high volume / high speed card copying