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MCE Demo Request Form

The MCE demo is limited to 30 days and in the number of full programming operations that are permitted.  When the demo is installed it starts up in limited operations mode.  You can use MCE in limited mode for up to 30 days.  When full operations mode is switched on (you should satisfy yourself that MCE is correctly installed first) up to 5 full programming operations are possible.  MCE will then revert to limited operations mode for the remainder of the 30 day trial period.

Note also that the demonstration version requires Administrator access rights for WindowsNT4, 2000, XP, and that you should check that the date and time on your PC are correct before you install.

Please complete all of the following fields if you would like to receive a demo version of our MCE software:

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IMPORTANT NOTE! The MCE demo is sent as a zip file attached to an email. Although it is not large (1.19MB) it is occasionally rejected by because of a lack of available space, or an over-enthusiastic virus checker. The demo is always rejected by hotmail accounts since the hotmail service does not include enough space and is often returned by other web based email accounts such as yahoo. For this reason we cannot send the demo to you using a hotmail account, and you might not receive it at other web based accounts.  If we receive a rejection notice we will let you know and ask for an alternative address.

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