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Custom Design Service

Elan was one of the first UK companies to specialise in the design of PCMCIA products.  We provide a complete range of services to assist with new PCMCIA and Compact Flash card and PCI board designs and systems applications.




Within purpose-built modern premises, Elanís facilities cater for advanced electronic engineering design, computer publication, PCB layout and documentation and prototyping, fine pitch SMD assembly, mechanical assembly, automated testing and system configuration and repair.
Emphasis in all of Elanís designs has been placed on reliability, flexibility and technically advanced features created to benefit each specific user. Quality, systems integrity and cost-effectiveness are considered to be key strategic elements in custom design projects. Designs are taken through to prototyping and pre-production stages, and full production should volumes increase.
Internal procedures, records and quality controls are designed to adhere to the general requirements of ISO9000 EU and USA standards. Testing and labeling for CE compliance can be provided.

PCMCIA & PCI Experience

Since their establishment in 1976, Elanís many years of designing and building products to customer specifications have been refined for the very specialised PCMCIA and PCI product markets, particularly for the requirements of interface cards. As a member of PCMCIA Elan ensures that each PC Card design correctly interprets and meets the latest PCMCIA standards. Designing PCI Bus products requires Elanís expert knowledge, particularly to solve interrupt handling conditions underWindows95/98 and NT 4.0/Windows2000.
Elanís customers include major blue chip companies and government agencies in both Europe and North America.

Elan Digital Systems Ltd. undertakes full management responsibilities for design and development projects, hardware and software, in light industrial applications principally related to real time electronics environments.

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