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Digital I/O PCMCIA card : D403

40-Channel DIO, 3-Channel Counter Timer DAQ PC Card - D403C

The D403 offers up to 40 separately controllable Digital I/O lines for general purpose control and monitoring applications.  It also features an 8254 type counter-timer chip for event monitoring and measurement.

Technical Features

Chip 40 general purpose digital I/O lines are available for control and status monitoring, each being programmable as input or output (in banks) and having TTL compatible input thresholds, and CMOS type output drive capability
Chip Built in 8254 counter-timer chip with clock and gate inputs for event monitoring, and internal 4MHz clock source
Software Card comes with Elan's Card Center Pro software with kernel driver and data handling module, plus a top level Win32 GUI with source code to act as a starting point for your own development.  Full hardware register data is provided to allow exact tailoring for bespoke applications
Software Drivers for DOS, Win9x, Me, NT4, 2000, XP
Software Automatic O.S. recognition and configuration.  Hot swappable PCMCIA 2.1+ compliant TypeII design
Power consumption Power consumption: Typical 15mA at 5V fully active, 3mA in sleep mode (oscillator off)
Cable options Fitted with 60-pin half-pitch IDC breakout header for interfacing to external cabling, connected to card via robust 100mm Flexible Circuits.  IDC breakout is detachable if required

*DOS support requires Card and Socket Services e.g. SystemSoft or Award