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Data acquisition PCMCIA card (12-Bit multifunction) : MF232

250KSPS 12-bit 16-Channel ADC, Dual 12-bit DAC DAQ PC Card - MF232

The MF232 is a versatile high speed Data Acquisition PC Card.  It can digitize with a resolution of 12-bits at up to 250KSamples/s.  The card comes with Win32 application source code, device drivers and full register programming details.  Some of its features are listed below.

Technical Features

Chip 12-bit 250KSample/s successive approximation A-to-D  converter with excellent noise performance and up to 11.2 effective bits of resolution.  The sample rates are programmable for continuous sampling as well as allowing conversions under host software control
Chip 16-channel fault protect input mux, with channel scanning logic, and switchable between single-ended and differential topology
Chip 20 software programmable inputs ranges from +/-10V to +/-625mV.  Unipolar and bipolar modes are globally software selectable
Chip A-to-D data flows into a large 16KSample FIFO on-card.  The FIFO can be run in continuous streaming mode (throughput is PC speed dependent) but can also serve as a capture buffer for triggered acquisitions. This is similar to a digital storage oscilloscope, with level and edge triggering against a digital 8-bit threshold in hardware, and programmable pre or post triggering to allow waveform capture before/after a trigger event.  These features are seldom found in PC Card DAQ solutions, making this card unique in its class
Chip A digital trigger input is also provided to allow burst acquisition to be triggered by an external event or process
Chip Dual 12-bit D-to-A converters (low speed type) with +/-10V and 0 to 5V output ranges
Chip 4 general purpose digital I/O lines are available for control and status monitoring, each being programmable as input or output and having TTL compatible input thresholds, and CMOS type output drive capability
Chip Power is available at the edge connector for signal conditioning, powering sensors etc
Software Card comes with Elan's Card Center Pro software with kernel driver and data handling module, plus a top level Win32 GUI with source code to act as a starting point for your own development.  Full hardware register data is provided to allow exact tailoring for bespoke applications
Software Drivers for DOS*, Win9x, Me, NT4, 2000, XP
Software Automatic O.S. recognition and configuration.  Hot swappable PCMCIA 2.1+ compliant TypeII design
Power consumption Power consumption: Typical 200mA at 5V fully active, with support for reduced power sleep mode of typ. 20mA at 5V under host application software control
Electrostatic discharge Input mux channels can withstand voltages up to +/-35V with the card powered or not
Cable options Supplied with 1m Type30 cable.  Connector latches into PC Card for security. Terminates to DB37 Female with male screw jacks.  Custom cabling available on request
Cable options Can be fitted with Elan's unique Strain Relief Assembly to ruggedize the PC Card to cable connection (optional extra), product code "SRA1"

*DOS support requires Card and Socket Services e.g. SystemSoft or Award