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Elan Digital Systems

Elan are a specialist design house centered around PCMCIA, and Elan’s core business is focused in 5 areas:

Though each area is different, all are linked by common specialist technologies which is where the company's expertise lies.

In-house design & prototyping plus CEM volume manufacturing provide a high level of flexibility combined with minimum cost across a very broad range of customer requirements. Design capabilities include PCI, PCMCIA, Compact Flash, FPGA, uP, Comms, analogue/precision circuitry, driver & application software, as well as small quantity prototyping and productionising of designs.

Elan employ highly pro-active customer support policies together with pro-active personnel in both technical & commercial business activities. This combination enables Elan to deliver the right product at the right time and at the right cost.

Experience gained over 25 years plus the latest design & manufacturing technology has made us one of the leading companies in our field worldwide. Elan has ISO9001 (2000) approval.

As proof of its expertise in innovative design, Elan has a number of international design patents related to its proprietary products. Additionally, Elan are winners of the UK Government Smart Awards for creative design

Highlights of the Elan experience :

Design Capabilities