How Can I Add New Serial & Parallel Ports to my Computer?

New laptop PCs commonly have too few serial or parallel ports for interfacing to peripheral devices - increasingly only a USB connection is offered with no RS232 port at all.  Modern notebooks seem not to be designed to connect to anything useful such as a printer or modem, even though many of us would like to use our new laptop with existing add-on equipment.

Portable Ports for your laptop & PDA

There is a solution - you can use the laptops PCMCIA slot to connect your notebook to such devices.  A PC Card (or compact flash card) can offer you new serial or parallel ports and not just on your laptop...  using a PCI adapter you can have new ports in a desktop, and PDA devices (personal Digital Assistant or "handheld computer") also have PCMCIA or CF slots so you can even connect modems or printers through these.

Serial - Parallel - Single - Dual ...

Elan offer a number of different cards so you can chose the option best for you : PCMCIA card can add one or even two standard asynchronous serial (RS232) ports for modems, printers, keypads... or anything else you can think of

...or if you prefer you can go for one serial port + one parallel port for flexibility

...or if your PDA has a compact flash slot we still have a solution for you!

In all cases the cards are designed to automatically configure as standard COM ports using the built in Windows drivers so set up is easy.

Elan - for high quality easy to use interface products including serial and parallel communications cards.