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ISA to PCMCIA interface PC card

Buffered Parallel Bus Interface PCMCIA Card - B100

The B100 allows designers of proprietary equipment to connect to the PCMCIA bus of a laptop or notebook.  The card buffers and controls a parallel 8-bit wide data bus and offers 4 strobes, 11 address lines and two signals that make the card easier to use legacy ISA boards.  The card can be supplied on its own, or can be supplied as part of a kit known as the "PIK1" which allows legacy 8-bit ISA boards to be connected.  Contact sales for PIK1 data and pricing.  The B100 card includes a Plug-n-Play CIS to allow the system to recognize and allocate resources to it.

Technical Features

Chip Parallel 8-bit bi-directional bus, 11 address lines, MEMR, MEMW, IORD and IOWR lines to drive ISA boards, RESET, IRQ and AEN signals also supported to make ISA connection easier
Chip Plug-n-Play Card Information Structure (CIS) to allow O.S. recognition and resource allocation
Chip IO and Memory spaces are addressable
Chip 5V power output for terminal equipment if required
Software Card comes with Elan's Card Center Pro software that installs INF scripts and sample code.  Drivers work in DOS*, Windows95, 98, 98SE (call for advice on other O.S.s)
Software Automatic O.S. recognition and configuration.  Hot swappable PCMCIA 2.1+ compliant TypeII design
Power consumption Power consumption: Typical 10mA at 5V
Electrostatic discharge Signals are buffered from PCMCIA host to protect PC
Cable options Supplied with 1m Type30 cable.  Connector latches into PC Card for security. Terminates to DB37 Female with male screw jacks
Cable options Can be fitted with Elan's unique Strain Relief Assembly to ruggedize the PC Card to cable connection (optional extra), product code "SRA1"

*DOS support requires Card and Socket Services e.g. SystemSoft or Award

More Information

Download the UsersGuide (249KB) or contact us with a particular query.
Users Guides are in PDF format which can be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader  

B100 -  interface PC Card to connect ISA boards through PCMCIA slots