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Co-Processor comms PCMCIA card : GO32

80C320 uProcessor Comms PCMCIA Card - G032

The G032 card incorporates an 80C320 ROMless uProcessor capable of running at 20MHz and executing instructions some 1.5x to 3x as fast as the comparable 8051 device while maintaining code compatibility with the 8051.  For external interaction, the uProcessor is connected to 2 separate fault protected RS232 interfaces and several uProcessor I/O lines are also available at the card's edge connector.  Firmware for the uProcessor is downloaded from the host into a dual ported SRAM at application run-time.  This memory serves as the program store and a message exchange buffer with certain locations able to cause interrupts to the host PC or to the uProcessor.

Technical Features

Chip 80C320 uProcessor with 10 or 20MHz clock speed (host software configurable)
Chip 4KBytes of byte-wide dual port RAM for program storage and message passing to host PC.  RAM is lockable from host PC side to allow protection against eronious writes
Chip RAM region contains certain key addresses that allow message passing under interrupt control to and from the host PC.
Chip Dual fault protected RS232 interfaces connect to the uProcessor for external comms.  Each port is programmable as DTE or DCE to allow reconfiguration of physical interfaces without changing cables.  Port driver circuits allow up to 50KBaud (slew rate limited)
Chip I/O from uProcessor available for status and/or control at edge connector
Chip 500us resolution timer can driver uProcessor interrupt to allow long timing periods to be attained in firmware
Software Card comes with Elan's Card Center Pro software that installs INF scripts and sample code.  Drivers work in DOS*, Windows95, 98, 98SE, Me, 2000, XP
Software Automatic O.S. recognition and configuration.  Hot swappable PCMCIA 2.1+ compliant TypeII design
Power consumption Power consumption: Typical 150mA at 5V fully active at 20MHz clock speed
Electrostatic discharge Protected serial drivers and receivers for protection of your card and PC
Cable options Supplied with 1m Type30 cable.  Connector latches into PC Card for security. Terminates to DB37 Female with male screw jacks
Cable options Can be fitted with Elan's unique Strain Relief Assembly to ruggedize the PC Card to cable connection (optional extra), product code "SRA1"

*DOS support requires Card and Socket Services e.g. SystemSoft or Award

More Information

Download the UsersGuide (178KB) or contact us with a particular query.
Users Guides are in PDF format which can be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader  

GO32 - 80C320 uProcessor communications PCMCIA card