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High speed RS232 serial PCMCIA card products from Elan High speed RS232 serial PCMCIA card products from Elan

Quality High Speed RS232 Products from Elan

RS-232 is a communications protocol often used for connecting computers to modems and peripherals like balances, PH meters, gas analysers and other laboratory instruments.   Because of the range of devices that operate on RS232 users often need more serial ports on their desktop or laptop than were provided by the manufacturer.  Elan's range of RS232 PC card products allow you to add more RS232 asynchronous serial ports to your laptop, PDA, or desktop (using one of Elan's Desktop PCMCIA adapters) computer.  The card automatically configures to become one or two more COM ports.

Elan's RS232 Card Range :

Single Port RS232 PC Card - SL232

Ideal for interfacing to any RS232 device this card offers a quick and simple solution.

Single Port RS232 Compact Flash Card - CF232 

Tiny Compact Flash format high speed RS232 solution ideal for PDA applications.
Also available with 5v output.

Dual Port RS232 PC Card - SL332

Two RS232 serial ports in one PCMCIA card offering even more flexibility from one PC card slot.

RS232 Serial + Parallel Port PC Card - SP230

Offers both a COM port (asynchronous serial RS232) AND an LPT (Centronics/EPP parallel) - Ideal for "legacy free" laptops with a shortage of D-type connector interfaces

Opto-isolated Single Port RS232  PC Card - IC232

Optically isolated RS232 port card prevents ground loops or hazardous potentials by isolating your PC from the terminal RS232 equipment.

Dual Port RS232/RS422/RS485 "Universal" Serial Comms PC Card - SL385

Unique multi-standard solution offering two serial ports which can mix-and-match RS232, RS422 or RS428 connections.  Highly configurable to offer maximum flexibility.

Product Features

All Elan serial products offer :

Elan's products are designed to make your life easier.  To find out more please click on the product of interest, email our sales department or complete our on-line form for more information.

Unique range of high quality RS232 products in PCMCIA or Compact Flash format from the PC Card experts!