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We hope that our sitemap will help you find what you are looking for;  You can use the 'find on this page' facility on your web browser to search the text here.
If you cannot find what you are looking for please email our sales department for assistance.

If you have any feedback about how easy (or otherwise) you have found our site to navigate please let us know by emailing web@elandigitalsystems.com

Our main URL is www.elandigitalsystems.com and our web site can also be found at www.pccard.co.uk, and at www.elandigitalsystems.com

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Silicon Solutions

Universal Desktop PC Card Slots

Also known as adapters, card readers, cradles and carrier boards.


PCI to PCMCIA : The P-Series

ISA to PCMCIA : The J-Series

DAQ Solutions

Interface Solutions

Copying Multiple PC Cards

EPROM Programmers (legacy product)

About Elan / General Information

Custom Design

Technical Support and Information

MCE Memory Card Explorer FAQs

P-series PCI/PCMCIA adapters

General Information and Queries


Windows 95/98/ME

Windows NT/2000/XP

PCIC3EO software FAQ