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Product Ranges

Elan SL232 Serial Interface 
RS232 card with cable and strain relief, plus model P111 universal PCI/PCMCIA adapter

With 10 years of PCMCIA design experience we offer a uniquely broad range of PC cards including data acquisition products and communication cards with industry beating features.  (Compact Flash designs are now available in both ranges!)  We also offer desktop PC card slots to allow the use of any PCMCIA card in your PC as well as your laptop.

Our Memory Card Explorer software allows you to read the data from flash and ATA cards regardless of the data format.  A free demo version is available on 30 day trial.
We are now offering our VPU16550 PC Card UART, used on several of our interface cards, to customers who are designing their own PC Cards.  This model simplifies the design process and is ideal for Compact Flash applications such as Bluetooth cards and PDA/Pocket PC designs.

Pictured : Elan SL232 serial link interface card (gives RS232 card from a PCMCIA slot) plus cable and proprietory SRA1 strain relief clamp to protect cable/card joint.  Also an P111 rear-slot universal PCI/PCMCIA adapter so that the PC card can be used in a desktop.  (Front bay models also available)