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Interface and DAQ Cards

Elan's Interface and Data Acquisition products are supplied with our Card Center Pro software package.   This package supports our standard communications cards, our DAQ range and also our specialist range of comms cards.

If you have a query about a product that you have purchased, please contact your supplier directly;  if you have bought one of our standard cards through a distributor or reseller they will be able to help you more quickly than Elan directly. 

If you have a pre-sales enquiry about any of these products please contact our sales department, either by email or by completing our product information request form.

For product support if you purchased your product directly from Elan, please check the list (below) of known issues, and if your query is not answered here please complete our support request form.

What is Card Center Pro?

Card Center Pro is a collection of Demos, Drivers, Source Code and Documentation that supports Elanís range of PCMCIA products.

The key feature of Card Center Pro is that it makes it easy to install a PCMCIA card on your system and to have access to the manual and driver code to simplify the creation of your own applications. Working Demos provide convenient starting points and so improve your time to market. The Card Center Pro Launcher brings all these features together to allow the user immediate access (the launcher can also be used to start Memory Card Explorer, an optional software tool for Memory PCMCIA cards)



Source Code



You can download the latest version of Card Center Pro online.

Changes and updates are described in the CCP release.txt file. (Includes latest version number and release date)

Known Issues

Using Elan's serial card range in the LINUX operating system

Windows XP bug causes Multifunction PCMCIA cards to fail correct installation

Multifunction PC-Cards fail to communicate in Windows XP+SP1

Installation Problems in Windows NT4, 2000 and XP

Winexec Installation Fails With Return Code 87

Installation of the SP230 Card

Latest issue news (text file)