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Support and Technical Information for Elan Products

Because all of our products are designed in-house we are confident that we can offer the best possible technical expertise to our customers.  However we can help you more quickly if you direct your query to the right place.

PreSales & Technical Enquiries

We try to publish as much information about our products as possible on-line to help our customers select the best product for their requirements so please browse the information in our product section and the pages below.  However, you might still have a query not answered on this web site.  Please in the first instance  complete our online information request form or email us at sales@elandigitalsystems.com;  our engineering team work closely with our sales and customer service team to answer this type of query and so the designer of the product is always on hand if necessary.

Technical Product Information and AfterSales Support

PCI to PCMCIA adapters - PSeries

Memory Card Explorer software (MCE)

CCP software package (supplied with Elan's PCMCIA and Compact Flash card range)