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How Do I Connect the Cables on my P223/224/P423/P424 Adaptor?

The ribbon cables are paired for each socket, so you should have been supplied with four ribbon cables. Notice that each of the ribbon cables is marked with a red conductor which indicates pin one, and that two of the ribbon cables have polarising inserts so that it is not possible to cross-connect the ribbon cables. A pair of cables for one socket is made up of one ribbon cable with polarising inserts and one without.

Now, look carefully at the PCB markings on the PCI plug in board and the socket board PCB. On the PCI board, there are markings (a small triangle) indicating which end of the connectors are pin 1, and which group of connectors form socket #1 (PLA1 & PLA2) and which socket #2 (PLB1 & PLB2).
You will also notice that one of the pairs of connectors for each socket has a pin missing (PLA2 & PLB2). 
Now look at the socket board, you will notice similar markings.

Connect the cables so that:

  1. PLA1 on the socket board is connected to PLA1 on the PCI board.
  2. PLA2 on the socket board is connected to PLA2 on the PCI board.
  3. PLB1 on the socket board is connected to PLB1 on the PCI board.
  4. PLB2 on the socket board is connected to PLB2 on the PCI board.

Make sure you line up each ribbon cable so that the red conductor lines up with pin 1 on each connector and the ribbon cable with the polarising insert is connected to a connector with a pin missing.