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CardBus PCMCIA Cards

Can I use my CardBus PCMCIA card in my front-bay or external P-Series adapter?

Certainly not on any of Elan's quality designed adapters - and we would not recommend any other manufacturer's adapter if they suggest that you can.

More information

Our range of CardBus adapters are carefully designed to meet the PCI Bus and PC-Card standards. The CardBus specification defines: "The maximum trace lengths for all interface signals are limited to 1.5 inches (38.1mm)"  between the CardBus controller and the socket.  (This is so that the propagation delays and transmission line effects of the signals down the PCB tracks do not become significant enough to cause data corruption. A similar specification also exists for the PCI Bus.)
For this reason it is not possible to manufacture an CardBus adapter that supports CardBus cards on a socket at the end of a ribbon cable (which is required to physically get from the PCI socket to the front, or outside, of the PC's case). To use CardBus cards you will need either a P111 or a P222

Below are pictures of a standard 16-bit PCMCIA card and a 32-bit/CardBus PCMCIA card.  You can see an extra gold coloured metal strip on the end of the 32-bit card - this is the extra shielding required because of the faster data transfer.

A 16-bit PCMCIA card A 32-Bit (or "CardBus") PCMCIA Card, showing the extra shielding across the connector end.
16-Bit 32-Bit/CardBus