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Windows Locks when a CardBus Network Card is Installed on a Machine with an Existing PCI Network Adapter Installed


When a CardBus network card is installed for the first time, and Windows installs the drivers for the network card, the PC may lock up if a network card is already installed in the system. This may occur on any PC/motherboard with integrated LAN network adapter or a PC with peripheral PCI based network adapter already installed.

This may effect installation of any CardBus network adapter like an SMC 802.11a Wireless NIC or "wired" 10/100 LAN Ethernet Interface card like the 3Com Megahertz 10/100 LAN CardBus PC-Card, in Windows 9x/Me

Work around

Before installing the CardBus network adapter, open the "Device Manager" select the "Network adapters" key and select the network adapter that is pre-existing in the PC. Open the properties for this network adapter and select the "Disable in this hardware profile" checkbox (make sure there is a "tick" in the box) and then click "OK".

If your PC locked up as a result of this problem, then it is possible the installation of the CardBus card did not complete correctly. The "Device Manager" may show the card as working correctly, but it does not appear as a network device when "winipcfg.exe" is executed and communication over the network does not work. If this occurs, go to the "Device Manger" and select the CardBus network card under "Network adapters", right-click on the CardBus card and select "remove". Make sure the existing network card is disabled (as described above),  then eject and re-insert the CardBus card. Windows will then re-install the drivers for the CardBus card and the device should work correctly.