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SystemSoft CardWizard Software for NT4

The P-Series drivers are designed to work with both the standard Windows NT support for PCMCIA cards and third party Card & Socket services utilities.

It must be noted that there are some limitations with the standard PCMCIA driver for Windows NT. The driver (pcmcia.sys) does not provide for dynamic resource allocation and "Hot Insertion" of PCMCIA cards. (Insertion while the PC is running.) For some applications such as Wireless LAN the card is inserted before boot anyway. However, if the card is removed at any time, this can lead to operating system crashes. 

There are also other restrictions when using the standard drivers that can lead to an unusable system; for instance the PCMCIA ATA disk driver (atdisk.sys) requires exclusive use of IRQ9, but unfortunately on some motherboards IRQ9 is allocated to another device, and this can lead to the OS failing to boot when an ATA drive is inserted. Also the PCMCIA driver cannot always cope when the P-Series adapter is inserted in a motherboard slot that is behind a PCI to PCI bridge (not on PCI bus number 0).

Elan has tested SystemSoft CardWizard (a third party card and socket services package) and found that it resolves the above problems and limitations, and for this reason, Elan recommends that CardWizard is installed on systems running Windows NT4 (see http://www.systemsoft.com for more information.)

If you are purchasing (or have purchased) a P-series unit from Elan, we are able to supply CardWizard software to go with your unit at a special price, please ask for details.

CardWizard Installation Notes for Elan Card Readers

SystemSoft CardWizard Registry Utility

On some systems when using the P111/P222/P423/P424 adapter, PCMCIA cards may not be recognised by CardWizard with it's default settings. In this situation it may be necessary to change the CardWizard setup using a registry configuration utility from SystemSoft. This utility can be downloaded from the Elan web site, but might not be the most current version.  Alternatively the most up to date version is available from http://www.systemsoft.com/l-2/l-3/support-cardwizard-utilities.htm

When you run this utility, you are presented with several options, follow the notes below to make CardWizard always use memory allocated through the PCI bus. After re-booting the PC, CardWizard should be able to recognise PCMCIA cards correctly.