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Code 29 Failure in Windows 95 OSR2 on a Fujitsu ErgoPro D5/90P

After correct installation of the PSeries drivers and the P111 hardware on a Fujitsu/ICL ErgoPro D5/90P slimline desktop Pentium 90 based PC, the Windows 95 Device Manager shows a yellow exclamation mark and "Code 29" error, "Hardware Disabled".

More information

The BIOS in this PC (PCI BIOS version 2.0) does not recognise the configuration headers of CardBus controllers so it leaves the controller in an unconfigured state. It also fails to connect an interrupt to the PCI slot.

PCI BIOS on this machine does not support IRQ configuration by calls to "SET_PCI_IRQ" (a PCI BIOS version 2.1 call) so the PSeries driver is not able to route an interrupt to the P111.  The BIOS configuration utility (accessed by pressing "Insert" during boot) allows for manual configuration of the PCI interrupt to the CardBus controller (ID 104C AC1E) but even this fails to actually route the IRQ to the PCI slot.

All CardBus controllers (like the P011/P111/P222/P423/P424 & P416) are likely to be effected by this problem on this PC.

Suggested solution

This PC does not meet the minimum system requirements for PSeries hardware (PCI BIOS Version 2.1). If a PCI adapter is required, install a CL6729 based PCMCIA adapter like the P113, otherwise install an ISA based adapter like the J103.