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Operating problems with Intel® Desktop Board D815EEA in Windows 98

When "Intel® Active Monitor" is installed, Windows 98 crashes with a page fault when a PC-Card is inserted. At the same time, "Active Monitor" may report an voltage out of range error.

The Intel® D815EEA Desktop board is an i815e based motherboard with integrated VGA, USB, Sound and LAN. By default, all the IRQ's on this motherboard are fully allocated, so when a PC-Card is inserted that requires an IRQ, Windows must re-balance the allocation of resources in order to allocate an IRQ to the PC-Card.

The problem is due to the drivers for the "Active Monitor" program which are not able to cope with a re-balance of resources, so when Windows performs a re-balance, the system crashes.


Un-install the "Intel® Active Monitor" program. Contact Intel for an update to the program.