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Using PCMCIA Cards in Older Desktop PCs

Many older PCs (typically pre-Pentium 200) do not support CardBus controllers such as the 1410, 1211 and 1420 controller chips used on our newest models of PC Card Readers.

More Information

These older PCs do not have an IRQ routing table in the BIOS so cannot support these controller chips or any hardware based on them.

If you are not sure whether your PC will support Cardbus controllers you can find out using our PSeries diagnostic utility.


If your PC will not support Cardbus controllers you will not be able to use any of the Elan PSeries card readers based on the above chipsets, i.e. the P111, P222, P423, P424, P311 or P312.

You can use one of our legacy PCI bus PC card readers.

Alternatively, if your PC has an ISA slot, you can consider one of these models.