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SRAM Card Fails "Code 12" in Windows 2000


In Windows 2000/XP on an Intel815EEA motherboard when an SRAM card is inserted into the PCMCIA slot, it may fail "Code12" indicating insufficient resources are available to configure it. A driver letter will also fail to appear in Windows Explorer.

This failure is due to the SRAM card driver requesting resources that are not available behind the PCI to PCI bridge built into these motherboard types. 

This problem is very likely to occur on most i810/i815/i840 and other motherboards with the P-Series adapter installed in a PCI slot behind a PCI to PCI bridge. 


  1. Download our modified memcard.inf driver file and install it in the C:\WINNT\INF folder
  2. Go to the "Device Manager" and select the SRAM card from the list of devices
  3. Click "Remove" and follow the on-screen instructions to remove the SRAM card from the system
  4. Eject and re-insert the SRAM card