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Installation Error in Windows XP with WinFast AGP Adapter Installed

It has been found that the PSeries driver may fail to install in Windows XP with the following error message "The data is invalid (as in the image below).  This problem effects all versions of Windows XP when the "nVIDIA GeForce3 Ti 200" with WinFast chipset AGP adapter has been installed.

Every time you reboot the PC, the "Add New Hardware Wizard" detects the PCI adapter and starts up again, then it gives the same error message.

You will also find that _ANY_ hardware you attempt to install will fail to install in the same way!

Get around

Remove the WinFast based AGP adapter and replace with a suitable alternative (return the original AGP card to the manufacturer). Remove the PCMCIA adapter hardware. Erase the contents of the hard disk, re-install Windows XP. Install the PSeries drivers and finally the PCMCIA adapter hardware (in the usual way).

Once the PSeries driver has been successfully installed as the driver for the PCMCIA adapter and you are happy with your installation of XP you will be able to then re-install the original WinFast AGP adapter;   however you might need to go through the same procedure whenever you want to install new hardware.