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Elan Digital Support Policy

We aim to offer Technical Support quickly and efficiently to all of  our customers.  This policy is designed to help us meet this goal.

Pre-Sales Technical Product Information and Queries

Pre-sales queries should be addressed to the Sales Team who will work with Engineering as necessary.  This ensures that enquiries can be responded to promptly and if applicable we can advise you of the most appropriate way for you  to purchase according to your requirements
Existing customers should contact their usual representative in the Sales Team in the first instance.
Sales can be contacted using the information request form on the Elan web site (http://www.elandigitalsystems.com/requestinfo.php), by email at sales@elandigitalsystems.com or by telephone on +44 1489 579799.

After-Sales Care

Important Note :

Elan can only support directly those customers who purchased their product directly from us.  We work hard to help our distributors support their customers;  if you purchased from a third party please contact them.

Driver Updates :

Driver updates are available via the Elan web site in the support section.  Customers will need to register their details with Elan to download driver updates.

Technical queries :

for example, information requests & cable queries.  These should be addressed to your Elan sales rep.

Faults and Returns :

Please contact your sales representative who can if necessary arrange for a Returns Materials Authorisation (RMA) number to be issued to you.

Set-up and Configuration Problems :

  1. Firstly please check that you have the latest version of any drivers that you are using.
  2. Our online FAQ pages list most known issues along with the fixes so please check these before you contact us: go to www.elandigitalsystems.com/support/ and click on the product type you have to find the appropriate FAQ.

If you are still experiencing problems please contact us for support using the appropriate form :

You will receive an acknowledgement immediately your form is processed by our server.  If you do not receive this email acknowledgement please resubmit your information checking your email address very carefully.

Note about on-line Registration

In order to access some parts of the Elan web site, including downloads and to submit support requests, you will need to register as a user.  Registration means that we can contact you easily for on-going support.  As part of the registration process we ask you for some basic information such as your name, company name and location.

Once you are registered you can access all parts of our website,  re-registering is not necessary.

All registered people have the option of receiving the Elan Newsflash, an  email update on our product range.  They can chose whether or not they  receive this. Anyone registered with Elan can log onto our secure web site and view and amend their personal information (including mailing preferences) at any time.

The registration data stored on Elan's server will not be sold, exchanged or knowingly released to 3rd parties without prior written permission from the individuals affected